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Herbert Adams Locked Room Titles

herbert adamsHerbert Adams (1874–1958) was an English writer of more than fifty mystery novels. His first series was Jimmy Haswell, a London criminal lawyer, who featured in nine books. He introduced his second series character, Roger Bennion, in the 1936 novel The Old Jew Mystery, though this amateur sleuth, with crimes set in or around golfing competitions, is better known for his novel, Death Off The Fairway, also published in 1936. Adams also wrote several non-series novels, including one of his better known novels, Body in The Bunker, as well as many short stories, verse and two other mysteries under the pseudonym Jonathan Gray.

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Notes: Unfortunately, the only Adams stories to have remained available are some of his Roger Bennion golf novels, and the five novels available on Gutenberg Australia (see Premier e-collection below). Most of Adams locked room novels have been less fortunate. No resource is currently available that supplies even basic information on these titles and many of these novels are quite rare. 

Herbert Adams Locked Room Novels

queens gateThe Queen’s Gate Mystery 
Detective: Jimmie Haswell

Available only in used hardcover editions.


Note: Locked Room Murders, Robert Adey: Appearance of various persons inside a locked house. No further information available on this title.

Rogues FallRogues Fall Out (1928) 
Detective: Jimmie 

Available in used hardcover editions.


Note:  Locked Room Murders, Robert Adey: Death by shooting in a locked upper storey room of an inn. No further information is available on this title.

death fairwayDeath Off The Fairway (1936)
Detective: Roger Bennion



Best Review

Available only in rare used hardcover editions.

Not currently available.

Note: A bad round?

This case involves the death of Basil Shelton, who has recently returned from many years abroad to settle down in South Devon. Roger Bennion is on the spot when the body is discovered, drowned on a golf course, and decides to investigate. The reader sees the murder committed, and the steps taken to make it look suicide. Inspector Ripley misses the murderer’s only mistake, but it does not so easily get by Bennion. The impossible element includes the fact that only the dead man’s footprints are found near the crime scene. When the man’s young niece turns up and Bennion’s best friend and one of the prime suspects fall in love with her, a complicated investigation follows. The golf theme is mainly limited to providing the setting, and is not essential to solving the mystery.

black deathBlack Death (1939)
Detective: Roger Bennion



No Reviews

Available only in used hardcover editions.

Not currently available

Note: A terrible secret!

“War planes will be toys; battleships scrap-iron!” This was the Professor’s claim. Had he discovered something new and terrible – or was he crazy? Roger Bennion is playing in a tennis tournament, but is actually undercover trying to discover the truth. And just after he learns it – and reveals it’s simple but inhuman possibilities – the Professor is stabbed to death inside a locked room and his secrets stolen – so the quest, more urgent than before, starts again!

Four Winds (1944)
Detective: Roger Bennion

Available only in used hardcover editions. No image available.


Note: Locked Room Murders, Robert Adey: Information in secret meetings inside a special room is being obtained by the enemy, but all those taking part in the meetings are above suspicion.

The Spectre in Brown (1953)
Detective: Roger Bennion

Available only in used hardcover editions. No image available.


Note: Locked Room Murders, Robert Adey: Murder by strangulation carried out by a cowled figure identified as Father Savrola, although he claimed to be well away from the scene of the crime.

H Adams CollectionThe Judas Kiss (1955)
Detective: Roger Bennion



Best Review

Available in paperback and ebook editions. Read Online

Book  Adams Collection  Collection

Note: Adams best impossible murder!

The murder seemed impossible! The young Michel-mores were an unconventional family: Garnet, the eldest, a zealous curate; Jasper, an unorthodox artist; Emerald, an ambitious writer; Pearl the youngest, being chased by a young doctor and a married man. George, the father, has been abroad recuperating from a long illness, but now announces his return – with a new wife! His reception is barely civil. Fortunately, Roger Bennion is living next door and knows the situation, which comes in quite handy when an unusual poisoner strikes! 

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