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Joel Townsley Rogers Locked Room Titles

JTRogersJoel Townsley Rogers (1896–1984) was an American writer who wrote science fiction, air-adventure, and mystery stories and a handful of mystery novels.

Joel Townsley Rogers was born in 1896 in Sedalia, Missouri, and studied at Harvard. He joined the navy air corps and became one of its first few hundred flyers. He went through training at Hampton Roads, Virginia, and was aching to go overseas, when the armistice intervened. Instead, he was sent to Pensacola as a flight instructor, flying tiny pontooned biplanes made of spruce and linen.

After the war he made use of his experiences and vivid imagination to sell short stories to the many pulp magazines that sold in the 1920s and 1930s for fifteen or twenty cents.

His most famous novel is ‘The Red Right Hand’ which was first published in 1945. The book sold fairly well and was reissued several times in paperback format. Besides that book, Rogers published hundreds of short stories and two or three other full-length novels which were not as successful.

Joel Townsley Rogers died in Washington, D.C. in 1984.

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Joel Townsley Rogers Locked Room Novels

Red Right HandThe Red Right Hand
Detectives: Prof. Adam MacCamerou & Dr. Henry Riddle


Best Review

Available in paperback and ebook editions.

Book  eBook

Note: An American mystery classic!

Written in 1945, The Red Right Hand has come to be considered one of the few genuine classics of the mystery genre to have been produced in America. While the novel contains all the requisite clues and false leads of its sometimes more elegant British counterpart, it also provides a quality rarely available in those more genteel entertainments. That quality is terror, sheer unmitigated terror, the kind that has readers checking to see if all the doors are securely locked. After all, it takes a strong constitution not to be frightened when a sympathetic, young New York doctor calmly starts to tell you the chilling story of a young couple on their way to be married who pick up an onminous hitchhiker (who may or may not have previously known the husband-to-be). They are involved in a mysterious accident which results in the disappearance of both men without leaving a trace — except somebody’s severed right hand.

Joel Townsley Rogers Locked Room Short Stories

Art ImpossibleThe Hanging Rope (1946)
Detective: Kerry Out, deaf playwright

Collection: Murder Impossible, Jack Adrian & Bob Adey

Best Review

Available only in hardcover editions.


Note: Another dose of nightmares!

Ex-policeman, Tuxedo Johnny Blythe, is faced with an impossibly airtight locked-room murder mystery. This carefully constructed story limits the reader’s perspective and uses a magician’s style of misdirection to distract us from the solution. Rogers cuts away periodically to another character who is a writer, who does not participate in the evening’s bloody events, though he still plays a central role in arriving at the solution. Not quite as creepy as’ The Red Right Hand’, but this novella shares the same atmosphere of nightmarish suspense.

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